A Little History


In 2002 I started to trade as Finishing Touches – based at home with a young family and I gradually built up the business, through working many a late night whilst my children slept. Once both kids started school, I could steadily increase my hours and focus on developing the business further with a purpose built workroom complete with industrial machines.


As word of mouth spread and I began to receive more and more referrals, a demand for fitting services followed. At the start I used a local handyman for this and fitted together alongside my other roles, which included measurements, all make-up, purchasing and accounts. And of course, something had to give.


This brings us to 2008, with both children now at high school I was now able to work full time and as sales increased I began to outgrow my workroom. From this experience I began to realise that my future would be in sales. Therefore, I introduced a curtain maker and professional fit into our team, which allowed me to focus on all sales.


After more success in 2010 I approached Tony Gilpin, owner of Rooms for All and initially we set out to only have fabrics in store, but fast forwarding a year saw trade improve so much that I began renting a permanent space within Rooms for All, but had limited staff.


As a result of this in 2012 LA Blinds joined me and we haven’t looked back due to our businesses complimenting each other so much. Following this, in 2013 I was able to employ our first sales assistant, which shows how far we have come in 10 years.


Just two years after this we were able to then rent a larger space within Rooms for All, which allowed us to create a small shop within the store. Due to this we now have an independent, organised workplace which allows us to provide improved attractive displays and as a consequence we are able to give a more professional outlook.


And that brings us to today where we are still enjoying every minute of our adventure, so if you are in Selby at any point don’t be shy, pop in and say hello!


bespoke interior design

We can visit your home and plan with you the designs for your lounge, kitchen or bedroom to make your home a dream to live within.

our store

We are based in Selby and are open to visit and consult you on your home designs.  We have a range of fabrics and wallpaper samples that you can view and we can discuss preliminary design ideas to meet your requirements.


We have numerous offers and gift ideas to surprise your friends, family or loved ones.  Call us on 01757 702445 for more information.